The Gap Between Generations

Due to the development of technology, the gap between new generations has never been greater. Between the 80s and the 90s, there is no difference, and between the 90s and the 2000s, they are completely two different worlds. Never has one decade changed human behavior, psyche, habits and understanding of the world so much. Let's remember that just half a century ago, you had to wait in front of a phone booth to call someone, and now everything is instant.
And in the very interview on television, I said that I would not judge the new generations... first of all, because I met some exceptional individuals, and some of them I am friends with since the year 2000. From 1990 to 1995 there are some generational determinants, but from about 1996, when Instagram came into effect ten years ago and they were still undeveloped personalities, there are big differences. Namely, it is the greatest in understanding and concentration, some people (not all) from that generation think they have experienced something, but in fact it was only a virtual secondary world. Disinterest, non-innovativeness, deconcentration in conversation, lack of depth, destruction of imagination, loss or lack of vision are all part of the program, the desire for people not to be fascinated by anything and not to be original, because they have seen everything visually, but not experienced it, that's the difference.

Life is experiences, and the most difficult thing is precisely for people from that generation who are not like that, what are they going to do with them and with such a world, except to build their own world. It is not even the fault of those entire generations, the world has become chaotic, and they acquired such habits early on and do not know the earlier world as it was. This one is built exclusively on their weaknesses, which cause complexes and always something unattainable. How to profit from it. Fortunately, there is always the possibility of change.
They always have the choice and the possibility to return to their nature. To bring back curiosity and real experiences that will one day be real memories. As time goes by, the gap gets bigger, for the later generations, many people have told me repeatedly that they don't understand some of the words they are saying. The whole experience of reality has changed for them.
Too much of nothing always has to break, and then we have to listen to ourselves and try to be human, not slaves or robots. To respect other people's time, but also ourselves, and to articulate what we have been given to make it easier for us to live, so that we don't remain incomplete.

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The Gap Between Generations
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