Cetinjska Quarter

In the Downtown of Belgrade, ART district arise in the end of the 2015. Cetinjska Street is a home of Hipsters, Artists, Expats, Alternative souls and Tourists. Polet, Dvoristance and Zaokret are among most visited venues. Polet is the place for a coffee, and at the afternoons place for a glass of wine. Before anything else Polet is a Art Gallery, that has been opening interesting exhibitions over the past years. Among many others, lovely Cafe / Bar Dvoristance found its new home in Cetinsjka Street. Dvoristance has its own story and its long history. It use to be among pioneers of Ex – Hipster area Savamala. Dvorsitance has its own crowed that spend day and night time enjoying coffees and wines. Industrial mix with a good taste is what makes Zaokret. Zaokret is a pre party venue where good music is pumping over weekends. Street story defiantly deserves to be part of the most popular Belgrade Attractions.

Cetinjska blok

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Cetinjska Quarter Belgrade
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